Sylvia Sedlnitzky – culinary


Besides travelling the world, I am passionate about regional products, cooking and experiencing culinary excellence. As a former advisory board member of the „Organization for Culinary Heritage of Austria“ (Kuratorium Kulinarisches Erbe Österreich), as a mystery shopper and as a former anonymous tester of Gault Millau and various other prominent magazines, I had published renowned cook and reference works for the ‘Organization for Culinary Heritage of Austria’ and I am working on an extended book project right now.

Understanding the importance of food, its origin and quality, complemented by traditional Austrian recipes, have been some of the main focus areas for my former publications.

Moreover, I took also responsibility for being the main organizer (sponsorship, finance, public relations, etc.) for the „culinary experience festival“ (Genuss-Festival) in Vienna’s City Park (Stadtpark). For over 12  years, the festival has hosted over 160,000 visitors annually with over 180 top Austrian gastronomic and rural producers; making it the culinary highlight for the city of Vienna.

Genussfestival Impressions

Book Projects